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  • Lowerdose: a friendship turned into Music
  • Lowerdose: a friendship turned into Music


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    • We are glad to announce our next release, the new EP of Lowerdose “A new way”, available from the 26th on the main portals.

      Check out our exclusive Full Premiere!!

      Lowerdose: a friendship turned into music

      “Music allows us to connect the myriad of thoughts in our minds, giving them a voice and turning theminto something tangible”. Lowerdose is the project of the two founders of the label RAIN Recods, Simone Rizzuto and Alessandro Levrero. The Italian Djs and producers are two close friends particularly remarkable for their ability to combine Old School deep vibes and evolved Techno and House grooves.

      During their career they share the stage with Klangkarussel, Dj Ralf, Lele Sacchi, Crookers, Joe T Vannelli, Michel Cleis, Pastaboys, Pendulum, Go Dugong and many others.

      Their debut on the music scene is the single “Jaxx”, released by Underground Source Records in 2014 and supported by big names like Weiss, Andhim, Rick Wakley, Richey Profond and other influential artists.

      “A new way”, the EP:

      Three smashing Tech-House tracks, the result of a long, precise and intense work in the studio. This production perfectly reflects the musical influences of these young producers who have always appreciated the bass-line and grooves coming from the House scenario. Although all the tracks come from the same concept of sound, they quite differ from one another, exalting particular shades. Undoubtedly there is a common point among them: the huge impact created by the particular attention given to the kick and bass balance.

      “A New Way”, the first track and the name of the EP, is surely the most representative. Lowerdose worked very hard for the finalization of this track, which is highly influenced by the tech-house background and is the union of very grooving drums, raw bass, defined chords and stabs.

      “41 Leaves” is characterized by the typical Roland 909 rhythmical timbre, a warm distorted bass and a “ghost” voice that makes the drop extremely punchy. In this track the two producers focused their attention on the rhythm, using a dry pluck and an explosive balance between groove and bass.

      “No Sun” is the most melodic track of the EP, although it obviously contains the punchy and groovy drums typical of Lowerdose and it’s influenced by the Techno scene. Deep pads, sub bass, dark hi-hats, snare drum and bright ambient sounds. On the whole the track looks gloomy and impressive: this is the reason why its name is “No Sun”.