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Clockbeats Presents : Yamaha Reface


    Clockbeats, in collaboration with Cavalli Music Store, want to start its own serie of products review to be able to guide every user of the music industry through the fastest way to the high quality sound.

    Our team picked the YAMAHA REFACE SERIES to kick off the new service.

    Recently the japanese brand introduced these four new keyboards that keep inside the legendary sounds of Yamaha keeping an eye on the size of the hardwares.

    let’s go deep into the Reface Series:

    it is composed by the REFACE CP (Electric Piano), REFACE DX (FM synth), REFACE YC (Organ, Vintage Sound), REFACE CS (Analog Modelling Synth).

    The bests advantages of the products are the fact that they are really, REALLY light to transport for live performances and all the four gears cover literally every kind of tone and become very useful for every kind of performance requested.

    Resumed in few words: very light to transport and amazing morphing.

    We  need to underline that Yamaha scored the point replacing the knobs of their old keybords with some faders that allow the user to be more precise during a live session.

    On the other hand  we have to say that playability pays the bill of the light size of the gears and we don’t recommend it if you have a big size of hand, then we have to admit that the YAMAHA  DX need to be set up before the performance keeping an eye on the fact that it is complicated to modify it while you’re playing.

    An extra little flaw is that there’s no modulation wheel on none of them and that’s something we really missed during our trial.

    To conclude this review we can say that Yamaha offered a very interesting option to the classical keybords with the Reface series but you should consider it only for live performance: we don’t feel to advise it as fixed gear for the studio.

    Evaluation 4/5


    Testers: Paolo Mantini – Federico Baracco – Alessandro Costantini

    Texts: Marco Dal Pozzolo