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  • Charlie Goes to Paradise - Divergent
  • Charlie Goes to Paradise - Divergent

    Charlie Goes To Paradise


    • Available now Charlie Goes to Paradise – DIVERGENT

      Charlie Goes to Paradise

      Alessandro Costantini e Paolo Mantini.
      The band arises from a collaboration between the two professional musicians, both graduated at the Luca Marenzio Conservatory of Brescia, respectively in piano and doublebass.

      Just more than kids, at the age of three, they meet in nursery school without knowing that the strong friendship they will drew up, will lead them to share what they alove most: music. However, their own paths divide really soon, from the first year of kindergarten.
      They will meet again a little later, during the years of high school, outside of the scholar context.. The solid friendship, that had kept them united since they were children, helps them recovering the lost years, sharing their own musical experiences.

      For many years they have played together in the context of the conservatory and classical music. Meanwhile, outside of this all, they have unloaded their creativity together, never taking themselves too much seriously.

      Only in November 2014 they decide to start taking the first steps to a bigger project. Charlie Goes to Paradise takes its birth.

      The first single released on ogopogo is now available!