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Clockbeats – the first website for selling and purchasing exclusive music productions

  • Do you want to make money selling your productions or half done ideas?

    Visit the beta version of Clockbeats!

    Clockbeats is the first web portal allowing you to instantly sell your exclusive productions and ideas, giving value to your tracks and sharing ideas with the best producers! Match your ideas with other producers on Clockbeats!



    Clockbeats.com is a new website designed for music professionals of all genres. The main genre is electronic music. On Clockbeats you can buy and sell music production and ideas, in full respect of privacy; royalties are regulated by contractual agreements.




    How to:

    • Buy music: as many other websites on clockbeats you can buy music tracks. On clockbeats 3 types of tracks are available, depending on the contractual agreement:
      • Standard: the standard way of buying tracks, similar to itunes or other music portals. These tracks are not exclusive.
      • Clock: The Clockbeats favorite type. Clock type refers to a few amount of tracks that are for sale for one week time only. After one week, these tracks will disappear from the web and replaced by new ones. Those are tracks have exclusive features, meaning that royalties are secured by legal contractual agreements between the parts. The Clock types are selected from the clockbeats crew after a sever selection process: we want the best of the week only.
      • Pro: The user can buy those tracks inclusive of a long set of extra services: mixing, mastering, publishing etc.


    • Sell your music: every user has the possibility to sell music by uploading the tracks on Clockbeats. The music can be sold in three different ways:
      • Standard: similar to itunes, for example, the tracks are sold in a non-exclusive way.
      • Clock: The user can upload the track and ask Clockbeats to publish it in a specific week. Clockbeats assesses the quality of the track and decides whether it is ready to be published or needs further improvements. The track can also be a simple idea, and the limited time of one week is necessary to avoid piracy and plagiarism.
      • Pro: the tracks are sold as Ghost production, i.e. when the user is using clockbeats for commercial use.


    Several other services are availble on Clockbeats (custom productions, mixing mastering etc.).
    The main mission of Clockbeats is to promote each artist’s music idea, and reduce piracy and plagiarism. Clockbeats focuses on quality, disregarding particular music genres: the distinction of the music should be based on quality (good or bad music) rather than genre (POP or techno).