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    ClockBeats is the innovative web portal providing top quality and exclusive services for electronic music professionals.

    Every week Clockbeats uploads new exclusive clock beats. Only a few tracks will be uploaded, resulting from a severe selection throughout the best producers in the world. The tracks are exclusive, meaning that you are the only person entitled to use your tracks for releases, live performances etc.

    Are you a music producer with unpublished productions? Do you want to make money selling your productions or half done ideas? Are you ready to be the winner of the week on Clockbeats? Selling your productions has never been so easy!

    Clockbeats is the first web portal allowing you to instantly sell your exclusive productions and ideas, giving value to your tracks and sharing ideas with the best producers! Matchyour ideas with other producers on Clockbeats!

    How do I upload my productions?

    • Use the upload section to send us your productions.
    • Share the soundcloud (private) link of your tracks.
    • Select the type of production: Standard, Clock, Pro.
    • Propose a price.

    We will get back to you as soon as possible with reviews and precious suggestions!

    How do I choose the type of my productions: Standard, Clock or Pro?

    It is extremely important to choose the right way to sell your music or music idea.

    • Standard: your production will be sold as non exclusive. Perfect for Hip-Hop/Rap/Electronic dance Music.
    • Clock: your production will be sold as exclusive and available only for one week on Clockbeats; That is in order to avoid piracy and plagiarism. Choose the clock type if you have half done ideas, or not fully completed productions.
    • Pro: your production will be sold as Ghost production. Choose Pro if your production is completed or need small adjastments (mastering, mixing etc.). Ideal if you are a professional who want to sell your productions for commercial use, i.e. soundtracks, TV, advertisment, record labels, or DJs needing new productions.


    Don’t waste your ideas, give voice to your project.

    Sell your music now on clockbeats.com !!