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Clockbeats Presents : Roland Boutique Series



    We are back in the game with our product reviews.

    This time, our little jam has been focused on the Roland boutique Series that includes: – The JP08 (clone of the legendary JUPITER 08) – The JX03 (clone of the very known JX-3P) – The JU06 (clone of the iconic JUNO-106).

    Let’s start explaining the many positive skills of those very interesting ROLAND products.

    First of all, as Roland says, they aren’t bigger than the size of book that makes them very comfortable to bring around with you for live performances: forget all the hard cases; you can go the show with your ruck sack!

    Of course we are not saying that they’re unbreakable but despite of their small size they are very resistant.

    Another great thing about thier comfort is that you don’t need any electric alimentation cable because all of them can be turned on with a couple of batteries size AA (or a USB cable).

    The JP08, the JX03 and the JU06 have an amazing sequencer and the sound is brilliant: the synthesis is very well done and it allows the use of those gears to users that can be very beginners or advanced ones because all the parameteres can be modified and it’s very easy to relate to the use of each one of them.

    The signal is very nice and the quality of the audio is very good; maybe sometimes there might be a bit too much of overdrive.

    About the bad sides we have to say that even if the sequencer is very nice, it only works in mono and all of them have only two internal fx (delay and chorus) to process the signal.

    It’s also a pity that Roland doesn’t include in the box the USB cables (but who hasn’t a couple of those extra at home or in the studio?!?) The output is in mini-jack so it’s not that comfortable in the studio.

    We definitely feel to recommend those nice toys from Roland.


    Text: Marco Dal Pozzolo

    Artist: Paolo Mantini & Federico Baracco Aka (Tears Of Change)